PNR-Workshop Brussels, 17. Oct. 7 p.m.

October 3rd, 2011 § 1 comment

EDRi and NoPNR are pleased to invite you to a workshop on PNR with a keynote speech by Edward Hasbrouck on

17. October

7 p.m.

at EDRi, Rue Montoyer 39/9 (8th floor), Brussels


The European Union is currently negotiating the transfer of airline passenger data to the USA, Australia, Canada and other third countries.

The so-called passenger name record data (PNR) is collected by airlines during the booking procedure. PNRs can include contact and identifying information (home address, mobile phone number, date of birth, credit card number, passport number, etc.) and personal details about your travel preferences and your associations with other people (seating information etc.).

This information shall now be transmitted to Australia and stored for 5,5 years.

The EU-Australia PNR was adopted on 22. September by the Council and it seems that the agreement will be voted in the October plenary session by the European Parliament.

This data will be used for profiling and monitoring to find unknown suspects. Yet, this monitoring of travel movements of citizens takes place without an initial suspicion.

There is no judge’s approval.

This is unacceptable and a non-justified interference with the fundamental right to privacy!

Get involved and help us to stop these plans!

Therefore, we organize a workshop event with Edward Hasbrouck, expert on PNR, who will give a short overview of dataflows and issues arising from the transfer of data from the EU to third countries.

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