PNR-Postcard Campaign

July 8th, 2011 § 9 comments

The EU is currently negotiating the transfer of airline passenger data to the USA and Australia. These so called passenger name record data (PNR) are collected by airlines during the booking procedure. This information shall be now transmitted and stored for 15 years in the USA and for 5,5 years in Australia. These data should be used for profiling and monitoring to find unknown suspected persons. The monitoring of travel movements of citizens in absence of an initial suspicion is a non-justified interference with the fundamental right to privacy/private life!

To stop these plans we are asking for your support!

Write postcards during your holidays to the Members of the European Parliament and ask them to vote against the PNR-Agreements. (You can sent a postcard from your home as well ;))

Ideally you send this postcard to a Member of the Home Affairs Committee (LIBE), which is in charge of the agreements in the European Parliament. You can find the list of the members here. The postal address can be founded at the end of the page of each Member.

Have a nice Holiday and keep your privacy safe.

Background Information:

PNR data cover all information relating to your flight, such as name, address, credit-card information, information regarding served meals during a flight, information regarding the booked seat, frequent flyer information and much more.

You can find the full text of the agreements here:



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